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Sandwich panel SP2C PIR for roof

Sandwich panel SP2C PIR for roof

Combining low thermal conductivity ratio and good fire performance, this energy efficient PIR core panel both saves on heating costs and increases fire safety.


Thanks to low weight this panel also offers savings on supporting structures as well as on freight and assembly costs.



- Roof construction


Design and installation services are an important part of Ruukki´s sandwich panel offering package with a view to speeding up our customers´ projects.


We help you to choose optimal products and design your building using our products, as well as decide on installation methods and maintenance instructions to ensure a long lifespan.

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  • Properties
  • Coatings &
  • Profile options
  • Accessories
  • Design tools & services
  • Instructions
  • Tables of loads
Core material: PIR
Module/total width (mm): 1000/1083
Length (m): 2.0 - 18.5 (on special request up to 21m)
External facing thickness (mm): 0.50
Internal facing thickness (mm): 0.40
Reaction to fire:

B-s1,d0 (th. 140/100-210/170 mm),
B-s2,d0 (th. 80/40-120/80 mm)


Properties by panel thickness

Thickness (mm)80/40100/60120/80140/100160/120210/170
Weight (kg/m2) 9.7 10.5 11.3 12.1 12.9 14.9
U-value (W/m2K) 0.47 0.32 0.24 0.20 0.17 0.12
Sound insulation Rw (dB) 24 24 24 24 24 24
Fire resistance & bending moment at field/support (kNm/m); snow load 0.2xS
REI30 - - 0.1210/-0.2150 0.1210/-0.2150 0.1210/-0.2150 0.1210/-0.2150
REI20 0.1160/-0.2070 0.1160/-0.2070 0.1160/-0.2070 0.1160/-0.2070 0.1160/-0.2070 0.1160/-0.2070
REI15 0.0940/-0.1680 0.0940/-0.1680 0.0940/-0.1680 0.0940/-0.1680 0.0940/-0.1680 0.0940/-0.1680
RE90 0.0940/-0.1680 0.0940/-0.1680 0.0940/-0.1680 0.0940/-0.1680 0.0940/-0.1680 0.0940/-0.1680
RE60 - - 0.1210/-0.2150 0.1210/-0.2150 0.1210/-0.2150  0.1210/-0.2150
RE30 0.1160/-0.2070 0.1160/-0.2070 0.1160/-0.2070 0.1160/-0.2070 0.1160/-0.2070 0.1160/-0.2070



Standard coating for external and internal faces

Optional coating for external faces

Corrosion classes C2-C3

Corrosion classes C1-C3

Polyester (25μm)

Hiarc (25μm) 


RAL 9002 Grey white

External and internal face

RAL 9010 Pure white

External and internal face

RAL 9006 White aluminium

External face

RAL 7035 Light grey

External face

RAL 1015 Light ivory

External face

RAL 5005 Signal blue

External face

RAL 3013 Tomato red

External face

RAL 6011 Reseda green

External face

Linear profile

Standard for internal face.

Trapezoidal profile

Standard for external face.

Accessories for sandwich panels include e.g. flashings, fasteners, gaskets and sealing flanges.


These accessories ensure fast assembly, fastening reliability, joint tightness, and aesthetic improvement of external and internal walls surface construction, as well as roofs of construction works of various size and destination.

Dimensioning can also be done by using TrayPan software mentioned below.


Design software and BIM objects

To make both architectural and structural design work easier with accurate product information in 3D form, Ruukki offers a selection of CAD / BIM-
objects and software tools to be downloaded from the Software Toolbox portal.

Ready modelled panels for Revit environment

Download BIM objects

Software tool TrayPan for choosing the optimal panel type

Download Traypan


User friendly TrayPan software takes into account the load, temperature, span, U-value, fire resistance and acoustics.


TrayPan contains two user interfaces:

  • Optimization tool for quick and easy pre-selection
  • Designer version for detailed structural analysis

- Download assembly instructions (pdf, 2MB) 

Assembly instructions document includes information about:

  • Packing
  • Transportation and unloading
  • Storaging
  • Assembling


- Download maintenance instructions (pdf, 0.93MB)

Maintenance instructions document contains information about:

  • Washing
  • Painting


- Download instructions for attaching facade claddings on Ruukki panels (pdf, 1MB)

Facade cladding instructions include information about: 

  • Fixing principles
  • Dimensioning principles
  • Section drawings